Environmental Compliance

In 2012 you can expect EPA to increase: inspections, regulations, and enforcement actions.
As an environmental professional, you are challenged with keeping up to date on all EPA rules that affect your organization.
How a BLR Partnership benefits you & your customers:
We offer industry-leading, award-winning solutions that are prepared by lawyers and industry experts but designed to be understood and used by non-lawyers in the real business world.
Our comprehensive solutions-delivered in numerous formats from online applications, live events, and websites to books & booklets, newsletters, and CDs/DVDs-are designed to keep your company out of legal trouble, avoid fines, and save money as you comply with state and federal environmental (EPA) rules and requirements.
Using BLR's resources, you can quickly understand what state and federal environmental compliance laws you need to know and how they impact your organization-and apply the appropriate tools, training, and resources to adhere to them.
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