BLR® Booklets and Pocket Guides reinforce your training or employee orientation programs

From FMLA to Harassment to Respect … from Workplace Safety to Hazard Communication …

Reinforce your training or employee orientation programs every day with clear, easy-to-understand booklets and pamphlets. These interactive tools train employees and supervisors with information they need to keep your organization in compliance.

BLR®  booklets and pocket guides offer you quality yet value-priced stand-alone training. Simple language assures that training information is understood by all employees. There are more than 185 titles covering a wide range of safety and human resource topics. (Many titles are available in both English and Spanish.)     


Booklets are 16 pages and take less than 10 minutes to provide either new training or an effortless refresher. 

BLR® Booklets (quantity discounts available) provide stand-alone training, are an ideal paycheck stuffer, can be personalized to your company, contain a training quiz, and include a verification form to document your training efforts
Pocket Guides

Pocket guides deliver more in-depth training (40 pages) and are ideal for staff with supervisory responsibilities.

BLR® Pocket Guides (quantity discounts available) provide more in-depth training than BLR Booklets. They are pocket-size for easy on-the job reference, contain a dictionary, are written in plan-English for ease of understanding, contain a quiz and a summary to reinforce key points, and include a training verification form to document your training efforts
Employee Training Kits

Booklets have proven to be a top choice for employee training, so we have taken the booklet product to the next level.  We have developed a PowerPoint® presentation that accompanies each booklet and gives you a ready-to-use training presentation! These kits reinforce and strengthen your training, plus the take-away booklet provides every employee with a  detailed recap of your training. 

Kits come complete with:

  • CD containing a 30-slide PowerPoint® presentation with slide show notes
  • 20 starter employee booklets (additional copies at a special price)
  • Reinforcement summary quiz
  • Completion certificates
Titles available
Back Safety & Injury Prevention Office Ergonomics
California Prevent Sexual Harassment Pocket Guide  Kit OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens
Diversity in the Workplace OSHA Says You Have a Right to Know
Drug Free Workplace: Partners in Prevention Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace
Forklift Safety Repeat Accidents: Break the Chain
Hazards in the Workplace: Your Right to Know Sexual Harassment What You Need to Know
How To Lift, Move & Carry Things Safely Stay on Your Feet: Avoid Workplace Falls
How to Recognize & Prevent Sexual Harassment Staying Safe on Scaffolds & Ladders
Industrial Ergonomics Stop Sexual Harassment: Industrial Settings
Lockout for Safety on the Job Terrorism, Security & Your Safety
Managing Stress On & Off the Job Workplace Safety: It Depends on You