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It’s a fact:
The insurance industry is changing rapidly. It is becoming less transactional and more consultative. Players in this space that successfully make the transition from insurance vendor to trusted risk advisor will prosper in this new era; those who do not will struggle to stay in business.
Making this transition is a challenge. Fortunately, BLR can tailor a program that will assist you in realizing your vision of a more consultative organization at a price that fits within your budget.
BLR can help you to answer many questions, including the following:
 How can I differentiate myself from the competition? You have two choices: add value or lower price. With margins already razor-thin, lowering price is a poor option. To add value, you must be able to help your clients to better manage risk. Whether it’s physical risk posed by confined spaces and blood borne pathogens, or legal risk posed by sexual harassment and out-of-date FMLA policies, BLR provides your client-facing staff with the knowledge and tools they need to address these issues with clients and prospects.
 How can I get my producers to be more consultative? Most producers don’t have a formal loss-control background and resort to selling on price. BLR’s regulatory materials can help even a novice producer to add value by helping clients and prospects to understand, identify, and mitigate risk through the adoption of compliant processes.
 How do I improve my loss ratio? An overabundance of claims can destroy margins for carriers and can diminish the credibility an agency has with underwriters. BLR’s training solutions can help both carriers and agencies to educate clients and provide the tools they need to educate their respective employees. All BLR training solutions meet the standards set both by regulatory agencies and accepted best practices.
 How do I improve my new business acquisition rate? How about my client retention rate? If you close new business based on price, you’ll lose it based on price. If you build your client relationships on value, you’ll dramatically increase both your acquisition rate and your retention rate. BLR gives you the tools you need to become an indispensable part of your client’s risk management program right from the start. Other carriers and agents may beat your price, but they won’t be able to compete with your superior level of service and expertise.
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