Pennsylvania Recordkeeping: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Air: 25 Pennsylvania Code (Pa. Code) 135.5

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Hazardous waste:

Transporters: 25 Pa. Code 263a.13

Treatment, storage, and disposal facility (TSDF) groundwater monitoring records: 25 Pa. Code 264a.97(1)

Laboratories: 25 Pa. Code 252.306

Medical waste: 25 Pa. Code 284.703


Dealers: 7 Pa. Code 128.11

Pest management consultants: 7 Pa. Code 128.24

Application businesses: 7 Pa. Code 128.35, 7 Pa. Code 128.53, 7 Pa. Code 128.88, and 7 Pa. Code 128.112

Private applicators: 7 Pa. Code 128.65

Solid (nonhazardous) waste:

Municipal waste transporters: 25 Pa. Code 285.217

Municipal waste landfills: 25 Pa. Code 273.288 and 25 Pa. Code 273.311 to 273.313

Construction and demolition (C/D) landfills: 25 Pa. Code 277.288, 25 Pa. Code 277.311, and 25 Pa. Code 277.312

Transfer facilities: 25 Pa. Code 279.251 to 279.252

Composting facilities: 25 Pa. Code 281.271 and 25 Pa. Code 281.272

Sewage sludge facilities: 25 Pa. Code 271.918

Sewage sludge land application facilities: 25 Pa. Code 275.221

Resource recovery processing facilities and municipal waste incinerators: 25 Pa. Code 283.261 and 25 Pa. Code 283.262

Residual waste generators: 25 Pa. Code 287.55

Residual waste transporters: 25 Pa. Code 299.216 and 25 Pa. Code 299.219

Residual waste landfills: 25 Pa. Code 288.258, 25 Pa. Code 288.281, and 25 Pa. Code 288.283

Residual waste disposal impoundments: 25 Pa. Code 289.268, 25 Pa. Code 289.301, and 25 Pa. Code 289.303

Residual waste land application facilities: 25 Pa. Code 291.221 and 25 Pa. Code 291.222

Residual waste transfer facilities: 25 Pa. Code 293.251 and 25 Pa. Code 293.252

Residual waste composting facilities: 25 Pa. Code 295.271 and 25 Pa. Code 295.272

Residual waste processing facilities: 25 Pa. Code 297.261 and 25 ...

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Governing Law and Regulations
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