Toxic Substances Control Act: What you need to know

Governing Law and Regulations

Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act: H.R. 2576

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Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), 15 USC 2601 to 2692 and regulations at 40 CFR 700 to 799

Exemptions: 40 CFR 710.3

Premanufacture notification (PMN): 40 CFR 720 and 40 CFR 723

Electronic reporting: 40 CFR 720.40

Fees: 40 CFR 700.45 to 700.49

Recordkeeping: 40 CFR 720.78

Exemptions: 40 CFR 723.50, 40 CFR 723.175, and 40 CFR 723.250

Sustainable Futures Initiative: 67 Federal Register (FR) 76282 (12/11/2002)

Consent Orders: 40 CFR 721

Significant new use rules (SNURs): 40 CFR 721

Hazard communication: 40 CFR 721.72

Recordkeeping: 40 CFR 721.40 and 40 CFR 721.125

Biotechnology program: 40 CFR 725

TSCA inventory: 40 CFR 710

Specific chemicals:

Asbestos: Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), 15 USC 2641 to 2655 and 40 CFR 763

Formaldehyde: 15 CFR 2697 and 24 CFR 3280.308

Lead: 15 USC 2681 to 2692 and 40 CFR 745

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs): 40 CFR 761

Radon: 15 USC 2661 to 2671

Chemical testing: 15 USC 2603 and 40 CFR 790 to 799

Exemption: 40 CFR 790.99

High production volume (HPV) chemicals: 40 CFR 799.5085 to 799.5089

Preliminary assessment information rule (PAIR): 40 CFR 712.20 to 712.30

Exemptions: 40 CFR 712.25

Significant adverse reactions: 40 CFR 717

Health and safety studies: 40 CFR 716

Substantial risk information: 15 USC 2607(e)

Chemical data reporting (CDR) rule: 40 CFR 711.1 to 711.35

Electronic reporting: 40 CFR 711.35

Confidentiality claims: 40 CFR 750.36

CDR Information: 40 CFR 711.30

Import and export notification: 40 CFR 707

Import certification: 40 CFR 707.20 and 19 CFR 12.118 to 12.127

Export notification: 40 CFR 707.60 to 707.75

Inspections: 15 USC 2610

Penalties: 15 USC 2614 to 2620

TSCA Section 21 Petitions: 15 USC 2620


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