California Travel Time: What you need to know

Commuting. Normal commuting time is not compensable. Compulsory travel time longer than the employee's normal commute is considered compensable time. Travel time to a jobsite within reasonable proximity of the employee's regular worksite is not compensable.
Travel time is considered compensable work hours where the employer requires its employees to meet at a designated place, use the employer’s transportation to and from the worksite, and prohibits employees from using their own transportation (Morillion v. Royal Packing Co., 22 Cal.4th 575 (2000)).
New jobsite daily. If an employee has no regular jobsite, travel time to the new jobsite each day is not compensable.
Temporary jobsite change. If an employee has a temporary work location change, the employee must be compensated for any additional time required to travel to the new jobsite in excess of the employee's normal commute time.
Overnight assignment. The definition of "hours worked" is found in the Industrial Welfare Commission Orders and means the time during which the employee is subject to the control of an employer and includes all the time the employee is suffered or permitted to work, whether or not required to do so. State law does neither distinguish between hours worked during the "normal" working hours or hours worked outside normal working hours, nor does it distinguish between hours worked in connection with an overnight out-of-town assignment.
Out-of-town business meeting. Under state law, if an employer requires an employee to attend an out-of-town business meeting, training session, or any other event, the employer cannot disclaim an obligation to pay for the employee's time in getting to and from the location ...

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