Industries We Serve

Millions of professionals—HR, compensation, safety, and environmental—have used one or more BLR products and services. Our award-winning compliance guidance, training, time savers, and professional development solutions are delivered in numerous formats—from online solutions, events, and websites to books and booklets, newsletters, and CDs/DVDs—to support the needs and budgets of all sized organizations and industries.

From manufacturing to financial services, from health care to construction, from insurance to educational services … BLR has been serving these industries for more than 30 years. Here is a sample of some of our customers who count on BLR to keep their organizations in compliance and their employees trained.

Business Services
BLR® Customers – Business Services Industry
Educational and Cultural Services
BLR® Customers – Educational and Cultural Services Industry
Healthcare and Community Services
BLR® Customers – Healthcare and Community Services Industry
Utility and Manufacturing
BLR® Customers – Utility and Manufacturing Industry
Wholesale and Retail
BLR® Customers – Wholesales and Retail Industry