Hawaii Cranes and Derricks (Construction): What you need to know

All private and public (state and local government) sector employers in Hawaii that own or operate cranes and derricks in construction are regulated under state occupational safety and health rules; the state has adopted the federal rules for cranes and derricks by reference.

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The state has adopted its own licensing requirements for crane operators in construction.

The Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Occupational Safety and Health Division administers the rules for crane and derricks in construction, including crane operator licensing requirements.

HAR 12-48-1 to 12-48-11

Hoisting machine (i.e., a machine with a hoist line, sling, or hydraulic lifting mechanism used in construction, demolition, or excavation work) operators of equipment covered by American Society of Mechanical Engineers Safety (ASME) Standard B30.5 that has a lifting capacity of more than 5 tons, and who perform construction work, must be certified to operate such equipment. Each hoisting machine operator must carry a valid certificate during the operation of a hoisting machine.

See the state requirements for hoisting machine operator certification on the website at http://hawaii.gov/labor/hiosh/pdf/standards/title-12-subtitle-7-chapter-48-hoisting-machine for more information.

HAR 12-48-5

A hoisting machine operator certificate is not required for operator assistants, apprentices, oilers, assistants to the engineers, and trainees, provided they are under the direct supervision of a certified hoisting machine operator at all times while operating a hoisting machine and they meet the training requirements of ASME B30.5.

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