Nevada Illness and Injuries: What you need to know

Nevada's workplace injury and illness recordkeeping rules mirror federal regulations in general industry workplaces, with stricter rules for the recording timeframe and for records at multiple establishments (NAC 6l8.550 to NAC 618.589).

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The Nevada Department of Business and Industry/Division of Industrial Relations (DIR) administers safety and health rules in the state.

NAC 618.556

Employers must enter each recordable occupational injury and illness on the log and summary no later than 6 working days after receiving information that a recordable case has occurred (NAC 618.556). The federal rule requires 7 days.

Any employer may maintain the log and summary of occupational injuries and illnesses at a place other than the establishment or by means of data processing equipment, or both, if:

  • There is available at the place where the log and summary are maintained sufficient information to complete the log and summary within 6 working days after receiving information that a recordable case has occurred; and
  • At the particular establishment, there is available a copy of the log and summary which reflects separately the occupational injuries and illnesses which have occurred at that establishment and is complete and current to a date within 45 calendar days after the date of occurrence.
NAC 618.583

When keeping records for multiple establishments at a central location, the employer must have the address and telephone number of the central location where records are kept available at each worksite. Personnel must be available at the central location or headquarters where records are kept to transmit information to a satellite ...

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