Custom Compliance Solutions

You want to help your clients promote safety, minimize risk, and keep claims and premiums down. We can help with cost-effective, custom-branded solutions for safety, HR administration, and training. Learn more here about making the transition from insurance vendor to trusted risk advisor.
HR Administration
More organizations than ever before are outsourcing all or some part of their HR functionality. PEOs, payroll service providers, consultants and other human resource outsourcers are faced with unprecedented opportunities. Unfortunately, they are also faced with unprecedented demands from clients and unprecedented pressure from competitors. Learn more here.
Organizations are scrutinizing budget dollars like never before. Association memberships, once considered a necessity, are now being treated as expendable luxuries. Business owners and other stakeholders are now carefully weighing the costs of membership against the benefits. Learn more here.
Large Employers/Government
Large Employers — whether public or private, for-profit or non-profit — are especially vulnerable to adverse legal and regulatory actions. Juries assume the presence of deep pockets and are more willing to award outrageous settlements to the injured parties. And regulators are more willing to levy disproportionately large fines to send a message. The damage from the negative press that follows can be even more damaging. Learn more here.
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