Instant Solutions Resource Center

From FMLA to Harassment to Discrimination...

From Workplace Safety to Confined Space to I2P2...

The Instant Solutions Resource Center includes virtually everything you need to deal with key HR and EHS issues … you purchase only what you need from our acclaimed materials—even if it’s just a single form. And you get it instantly.

Real Life Answers Programs

Now you can benefit from your peers’ daily work experience and the expert advice they received. Head off a problem before it happens, or be ready to quickly resolve any situation without floundering for guidance. Many of these questions and answers cover compliance and all include practical, best practice, or policy advice.

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Redi2Use Libraries

This is a collection of sample forms and checklists that you can use for myriad documentation. You already know what you need—or so you think—but you still need to research material and create something from scratch to fit your specific need. These libraries include tested and proven forms from job descriptions to safety policies.

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Redi2Use Forms

You need just one sample form or description—and this is the most economical way to get it. All material has been reviewed and is guaranteed to be in compliance, created by following the latest criteria and guidelines.

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Management Essential Kits

You are under pressure to develop a plan or policy or to establish training … where to begin and how to find the hours needed to gather data? The purpose and goal of BLR’s Essential Kits is to compile the analyses and proven practices and include the sample forms, checklists, policies, and training material you need to accomplish your task with minimal time or effort.

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Focus Reports

When news breaks or regulations change, you need fast guidance to make sure you are in compliance or prepared to modify your procedures and policies. Our legal editors monitor legislation and events then summarize critical information in plain English to guide you quickly, effectively, and easily to the best solution for your company.

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Benchmark Surveys

With input from thousands of companies, you gain immediate access to millions of data points summarized into easy-to-use reports. Be competitive—know how you compare within your industry and geographic region.

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