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Wal-Mart Doesn't Have Much Support from Fellow Employers

Old Saybrook, CT - March 7, 2005 - Wal-Mart deserves the bad publicity it gets as an employer, say a majority of those participating in an online poll at, a website for human resources professionals.

Asked whether the giant, Arkansas-based retailer deserves the publicity, 43 percent said, "Yes, because it doesn't behave as the rest of us do." Another 14 percent said, "Yes, because bigger employers deserve closer scrutiny."

Meanwhile, 32 percent said, "No, it gets targeted unfairly because of its size." The remaining 11 percent said, "No, because employers in general aren't treated fairly in the news media."

The poll drew 402 votes on Thursday, March 3, and Friday, March 4.

Wal-Mart has been hit in recent years with a variety of well-publicized lawsuits from employees alleging violations of workplace law. And the company stirred controversy recently by negotiating a settlement with the U.S. Department of Labor that requires the DOL to give Wal-Mart 15 days' notice before investigating alleged violations of child labor law.

"A surprising number of the poll participants have little sympathy for their fellow employer," observed Managing Web Editor Kevin Flood. "They seem to be saying, "We're fair and law-abiding employers, and if somebody else can't follow the rules, they deserve whatever they get.'"

Business and Legal Reports, the parent company of, has prepared a special report to help employers earn loyalty from their workers, not lawsuits. It's entitled "Best Practices in Recruitment and Retention" and can be downloaded here:

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