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Environmental Professionals Think that the U.S. Should Have Ratified Kyoto

Old Saybrook, CT - May 31 - A solid majority of environmental professionals in a recent online poll disagree with the Bush administration’s decision not to sign the Kyoto treaty on global warming., the Business & Legal Reports, Inc. website for environmental professionals, conducted the poll in May 2005.

BLR's poll asked, "Should the U.S. have ratified the Kyoto Protocol?" Fifty-seven percent of respondents felt that the United States should have ratified the treaty. President Bush argued that the Protocol's requirements would be overly burdensome for the U.S. economy, that the exclusion of developing countries like China and India would make greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions ineffective, and that it would tilt the economic playing field against U.S. industry.

The remaining 43 percent of the 134 poll respondents agreed that the U.S. made the right decision in opting out.

"In some ways the American participation in the Kyoto agreement is a non-issue," commented Steve Quilliam, managing editor of – Making State Environmental Compliance Easier. "Greenhouse gas emission reduction is a global movement. Large U.S. companies will have to comply with it in their overseas operations anyway, and to be consistent they will eventually apply the same standards everywhere."

The Kyoto Protocol Climate Change Treaty went into effect on February 16, 2005, ratified by 55 nations representing 55 percent of all global GHG emissions. U.S. facilities can choose to undertake a voluntary program to address all or part of the Kyoto requirements. The federal Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gases Program (VRGGP) helps to ensure that emissions reductions taken now won't be forgotten under any future mandatory actions.

BLR's environmental editors advise these starting points for a voluntary GHG program:

  • Perform a baseline GHG emissions inventory.
  • Explore potential solutions to reducing GHG emissions now.
  • Register as successfully and certifiably reducing GHG emissions through the California Climate Action Registry or other state or local body.

For more information on the Kyoto Protocol, download’s free white paper, "Understanding the Kyoto Protocol in Action,"” at

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