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Survey Ties Active Safety Management to Declining Injury Rates

Old Saybrook, CT – June 14, 2005 – Organizations with active safety management programs get a positive payback from declining OSHA injury and illness rates and fewer worker compensation claims. These are the results of an online survey conducted at, “Making Safety Training and Compliance Easier” in May 2005.

The Business & Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR) survey established a strong relationship between the safety culture of an organization and the activity level of its safety professionals. Fully 77 percent of the more than 400 respondents either strongly agreed or agreed that their company had a positive safety culture.

Subscribers to have high rates of voluntary compliance with best safety practices recommended, but not yet required, by federal OSHA. At least 89 percent have written health and safety programs, nearly everyone provides at least annual training, and 81 percent had a very active or somewhat active safety committee.

Declining injury rates
Steve Quilliam, managing editor of commented: “These results confirm the important effect that an active safety program can have on the safety culture of an organization. Looking at the high rates of program activity, it’s no surprise that more than half of survey respondents reported a decline in injury and illness rates over the past 5 years.”

Higher workers’ comp claims
On the flip side, of those respondents who saw increases in their workers’ compensation claims, only 15 percent strongly agreed with the statement that their organizations had a positive safety culture. For respondents who saw decreases in workers’ comp claims, 29percent strongly agreed.

BLR’s safety editors recommend these tips for improving their safety management programs:

  • Develop a written safety program like one of the ones available at and stick to it
  • Establish a safety committee with representatives from all company areas
  • Get workers involved in their own safety
  • Post safety results
  • Get management buy-in to your program–talk their language and tie your results to organizational goals.

Download the full results to “How Effective Is Your Safety” culture at

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