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It doesn’t end with the job interview

Old Saybrook, CT – June 28, 2005 – It won’t guarantee you’ll land that job, but sending a thank-you note following your interview may improve your chances, based on the results of an online poll at, a website for human resource professionals.

The poll, conducted June 9-15, asked site visitors to answer this question: "Are you more likely to hire someone who has sent you a post-interview thank-you note?" Of the 555 participants, just as many said "yes" as "no" – 16 percent for each answer. But 45 percent, the largest voting bloc, said "perhaps." The remaining 23 percent said "probably not."

"Our poll indicates that you’re more likely than not to be dealing with a hiring manager who will take a thoughtful, well-written note into consideration," said Managing Web Editor Kevin Flood. "And even if sending a note doesn’t improve your chances, you need to consider what harm you might be doing by not sending one."

With the competition for jobs so fierce these days, HR professionals are looking at more and more criteria to help them decide who has the edge, Flood said. The right note can give a hiring manager additional insight on your intelligence, manners, and communication skills – not to mention your desire for the job., "State HR Answers and Tools Online," provides the HR profession with an assortment of products to help in making the right hiring decisions, including Best Practices in Recruitment and Retention, a book that explains the best practices of such leading employers as Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, and the Home Depot. Download it for free here:

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