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Mike Losey, BLR Advisor and former SHRM CEO, Co-Edits New Book

Old Saybrook, CT – June 3 – Mike Losey, member of BLR’s Board of Directors and former CEO of the Society of Human Resources Managers (SHRM), has just released an insightful new book, “The Future of Human Resource Management”. Losey’s book, which he co-edited along with Sue Meisinger and Dave Ulrich, famous for earlier HR works, features articles by 64 thought leaders who explore the critical HR issues of today and tomorrow.

The new book provides a series of thought-provoking essays - Coleman Peterson on how Wal-Mart hires and keeps its people, Peter Cappelli and Mike Losey offer divergent views on the possibility of a labor shortage in America, Libby Sartain explores HR’s role in brand development. Other topics focus on helping HR prepare to maximize its contribution in an uncertain future: HR as a decision science, understanding and managing people, creating and adapting organizational culture, the effects of globalization, collaborative ventures, and investing in the next generation.

All of the editors and contributors to the book have agreed to contribute their royalties to the SHRM Foundation.

Losey, who headed SHRM from 1990 to 2002, is a renowned expert in the human resource field. He has been a strategic advisor to Business & Legal Reports, Inc. since early 2004. The book is available for purchase from the SHRM website,

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