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BLR Introduces Two New Booklets

Preparing for Emergencies and Evacuations

BLR’s new training booklet, Workplace Emergency and Evacuation—Know What to Do makes it easy to pretrain your employees in proper evacuation procedures. This fully illustrated, easy-to-understand booklet explains how to maintain emergency routes and get out safely in an emergency.

After reading this 16-page booklet, your employees will know how to …

  • Evacuate a high-rise building quickly
  • Escape through thick smoke or in the dark
  • Assist employees with special needs
  • Provide basic emergency first aid
  • Meet outside to make sure everyone got out

Once you’ve added company-specific evacuation instructions, you’ll have a complete emergency evacuation pretraining program.

A Tough Subject Made Easy

Talking about discrimination is an important way to prevent it from happening in your workplace. A written policy isn’t enough. Employees need a clear, practical understanding of the law. BLR’s new training booklet, Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace, can help you provide the training your employees need.

This straight-to-the-point, 16-page booklet makes it easy to talk about discrimination without getting caught up in legal jargon or unnecessary details. Developed by the experts at BLR based on the latest regulations and recent court decisions, the booklet is up-to-date and explains current discrimination laws in language anyone can understand. Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace is so complete and effective, it meets DOL training requirements.

Both booklets include a quiz you can use to evaluate and document your training program, and identify individuals who may need further instruction.

Booklets can be customized with your company name or message (as space allows) on each booklet. Quantity discounts are available.

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