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7/26/2005 Wins Award for FLSA Overtime Reporting

Old Saybrook, CT – July 26, 2005 –, State HR Answers and Tools - has been honored with a prestigious journalism award for its news coverage of the new Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) overtime regulations. The Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Association (NEPA) recognized the Business & Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR) website with an award under the category "Best Spot-News or Exclusive Single News Story" for Editor Susan Prince's "thorough, clearly written explanation" of the new overtime regulations.

The new changes to overtime regulations that BLR reported on were eagerly awaited, hotly contested, and, like most good government regulations, filled with complexity. Employers have been complaining about the difficulty of complying with overtime and payroll regulations since the Federal Labor Standard Act was enacted in 1938. But while most businesses welcomed the FLSA overtime changes that went into effect in August 2004, labor unions were concerned over the possibility of workers who might lose overtime pay.

The judges of the NEPA award wrote that BLR’s Prince "managed to construct a highly instructional, accurate analysis of the new regulations—the first major overhaul of overtime rules in 50 years—and publish it within 24 hours of publication of the rules in the Federal Register".

Bob Brady, President of Business & Legal Reports, commented: “NEPA members are nationally recognized for the quality of their investigative journalism. The competition in this category is particularly fierce, so I am very proud of this award.”

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BLR is offering a free download of Prince’s award-winning FLSA article. The article may be downloaded at

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