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Hurricane Evacuees Don’t Necessarily Have an Edge

Old Saybrook, CT – October 10, 2005 – Only one-third of human resource professionals who participated in an online poll at, the website for HR managers, said they’d give preference in their hiring decisions to applicants who’ve been evacuated as a result of hurricane Katrina or Rita. asked, “With all other factors being equal, would you give preference to a job applicant who was a hurricane evacuee?” Here’s how participants responded:

No – 38%
Yes – 32%
Not sure – 30%

The poll drew 476 participants between October 6 and October 10.

The results shouldn’t be taken as a sign of disdain by HR professionals, especially since they’re usually the ones coordinating the charitable giving in their workplaces, according to Kevin Flood, managing editor of

“Even with the qualifier ‘all other things being equal’ in the question, the participants might have had a strong reaction to seeing the word ‘preference’ in the question,” Flood speculated. “Hiring managers are so intent on getting the person with the best qualifications, they’re instinctively against choosing on any other basis, qualifier or not.”

Moreover, Flood said, an HR manager might vote one way in the poll but decide differently after interviewing an actual evacuee. “This might be reflected in the high percentage of ‘not sure’ votes,” he observed.

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