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Making the Business Case for EHS

Old Saybrook, CT – October 25, 2005 – It’s a common challenge among the nation’s environmental managers, the professionals who keep their organizations in compliance with federal and state environmental regulations: how do you get management buy-in to needed environmental programs? And if top management was asked to report on their environmental managers’ performance, you would probably hear a version of this: “They just don’t understand the business pressures we face, the whole world wants to steal our customers, and these guys want to save some snail darters.”

To help bridge this gap Business & Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR) has just released a practical new handbook – Making the Business Case for EHS. Written by Robert B. Pojasek, Ph.D. an international authority on process development and Adjunct Professor at Harvard University, the book lays out the concrete steps that EHS (environmental health and safety) managers must take to get support for their environmental initiatives. This BLR guidebook helps EHS managers align processes and systems with the goals of senior management, and translate initiatives into bottom line results.

A key concept for EHS managers to understand business value, and how financial performance is top management’s central goal. Pojasek explains 10 “EHS Business Value Principles” – starting with “Know your company processes”, and ending with “Seek continuous improvement with lessons learned”. Eight “Business Value Tactics” - illustrated with charts, checklists, and worksheets - show EHS managers how to get support for programs on the basis of the business value they add to the organization. A bonus CD with forms, checklists, and tables is included.

The handbook features three case studies which explain in step-by-step detail how an autobody refinishing operation, a paint manufacturer, and an outboard motor company translated these principles and tactics into management support for EHS – along with a better bottom line.

As part of the launch of Making the Business Case for EHS, BLR is offering a Free White Paper that highlights the 8 EHS Business Value Tactics. The paper may be downloaded at

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