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New Training Kit Helps Companies Comply with Sexual Harassment Training

Firms that don’t provide regular, effective sexual harassment training are playing a kind of Russian roulette, according to Susan Prince, Legal Editor at Yet according to a recent poll at the Business & Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR) website for human resource managers, less than half of companies train on sexual harassment at least once a year, and 16% of those polled only train after a workplace incident.

Firms that fail to deliver this training risk expensive and time-consuming lawsuits, damaged careers, and devastating publicity. Laws in many states require training for all supervisors, both initially and on a regular basis. The new California law (GC Section 12950.1), for example, requires all employers that regularly employ 50 or more individuals to have trained all supervisors in sexual harassment prevention by January 1, 2006.

Fortunately BLR has just released its Sexual Harassment: What You Should Know PowerPoint® Kit that makes it easy to deliver mandated training. This new kit has a complete training meeting that explains the laws and discusses types of sexual harassment. The training meeting includes 43 PowerPoint slides plus copies of an illustrated 44 page Pocket Guide. (BLR also has a California-specific version of this kit).

BLR’s new training kit offers employees and supervisors practical guidance on how to prevent harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. A quiz helps employers document training efforts.

The PowerPoint slides and booklet feature interactive exercises and case studies. Key training points include:

  • The effects of sexual harassment on the workplace
  • How to avoid harassing behavior
  • Factors used to determine offensive behavior
  • Tangible employment action and hostile environment
  • How to conduct investigations

BLR offers a copy of the kit’s training booklet at no charge. Reserve your copy of the 16 page, full-color booklet, Sexual Harassment: What You Should Know by calling 1 800 727-5257. For more information about the PowerPoint kit go to

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