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Federal and State Laws Challenge HR Managers

May 2, 2005 – HR professionals report that compliance with federal and state laws is their most important challenge, according to a survey conducted by the Business & Legal Reports (BLR) website, The human resources website is making available free copies of the entire survey report.

In BLR’s “HR’s Toughest Challenges for 2006” survey, respondents were asked to rate 10 HR challenges in terms of importance, using the following scale: 1-not important, 2-marginally important, 3-important, 4-very important, or 5-extremely important.

Here are the results for the top 5 challenges (average response):

Ensuring compliance with federal and state employment laws

Retaining talent in an improving economy

Managing performance

Developing leadership

Dealing with rising healthcare costs

The survey, conducted in February on and drew responses from 536 human resource professionals.

“State and federal employment laws remain a major problem for HR managers, since more respondents (44 percent) rated that challenge as ‘extremely important’ than any other,” said Chris Ceplenski, editor. “But from this survey we can also see that the areas of retention, performance management, leadership development, and the containment of healthcare costs are extremely big issues for HR,” Ceplenski concluded.

To download a free copy of the Special Report on HR’s Top Challenges of 2006, go to The Special Report includes the scores of all 10 challenges, along with anonymous comments from 50 of the respondents.

Family Leave and ADA Headaches
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