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May 3, 2006 – Safety managers now have a resource to let them share ideas, ask questions, and get advice and support from their professional peers. The resource is the Safety Forum, a new discussion group at – Making OSHA Training and Compliance Easier.

The Forum is designed as a resource where safety professionals can get the support and community to help them perform their important but often frustrating jobs. Readers of the new Forum can easily see the challenge faced by safety managers: on the one hand they have to persuade reluctant employees to follow OSHA safety procedures. On the other, they need to convince management that support for safety programs pays off in safer workplaces, lower worker compensation rates, and the absence of embarrassing and costly OSHA publicity and fines.

The Safety Forum has four major topic areas where safety pros can post their questions and comments: OSHA Compliance, Best Safety Practices, Training, and Special Industries. On a recent visit to the Forum the most read topics indicated the breadth of responsibilities handled by safety managers. Most popular recent posts included: “June is National Safety Month” (where visitors requested samples of one poster’s Safety Scavenger Hunt idea), “Hearing testing for all employees”, and “Forklift operator certification card” among others.

The Safety Forum, is freely accessible to anyone. In order to post to the Forum, a free and easy registration is required to ensure civility and non-commercialization. A host of services are available in the Forum, including powerful search, email notifications on selected topics, etc.

OSHA’s Top Violations
To celebrate the arrival of the new Safety Forum, is making available a free download of its special report, “How to Avoid OSHA’s Dirty Dozen,” which provides bulleted recommendations for avoiding the top 12 OSHA violations. Download it here:

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