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Has Your HR Manager Got What It Takes? 9 Essential Skills for HR Success

Old Saybrook, CT – August 10, 2006 Job-seekers often have to measure up to a long list of “essential skills and personality traits,” wielded by a potential employer’s human resources manager. But what if HR managers themselves had to confront such a list? What skills would be on it? And how many managers would make the grade? The first question was recently answered by a new daily email newsletter from Connecticut-based HR publisher Business & Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR). The newsletter, called HR Daily Advisor, is offered free, along with a free special report, Top 10 Best Practices In HR Management For 2006, at “Though HR Daily Advisor is new,” said BLR Publisher Bob Brady, “our editors have worked with HR professionals for 29 years. They’ve seen successes and they’ve seen failures. And it’s always the same 9 traits that make the successes.” In the editors’opinion, those traits were: -- Organized --Multitasking --Descrete and Ethical --Dual-Focused on both employee and management needs --Trusted --Fair --Dedicated --Strategically-Oriented --Team-oriented In commenting on the list, Brady added, “of course, HR people have to be discrete. They handle confidential materials all the time. And strategically-oriented: That’s because top management finally realizes that people really are the key to business success….and HR is the strategic element to get them there.” HR Daily Advisor Managing Editor Jay Schleifer added that, “Ethics is a must-have because HR officers are the conscience of the company. When management wanders off the straight and narrow, HR has to push them back.” Free Special Report on HR Management Offered Schleifer noted that response to the article from the newsletter’s 69,000 startup circulation was immediate and powerful. “We had one of the highest email open rates we’ve ever seen,” he said, “We’ll certainly do a follow-up.” The full article is available at To get the free special report, Top 10 Best Practices In HR Management For 2006, visit the Web site or go direct to About BLR BLR publishes books, newsletters and Web products serving processionals in human resources, compensation, safety and environmental management. For a catalog, call 800-727-5257 or visit