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HR Publisher BLR Makes Salary Information for 2,400 Jobs Available

Old Saybrook, CT – June 4, 2007. Bosses, are you overpaying your employees? Employees, are you getting less than you’re worth? Now both groups can find the answers to these questions. And neither has to lay out a dime to do it.

The answers are on, a new free online service from employment law publisher Business & Legal Reports, Inc. known as “BLR” to the HR world since 1977.

“We have been collecting compensation information from thousands of companies each year for decades,” said BLR’s founder and CEO Robert L. Brady. “But previously, we issued this data only in a lengthy report exclusively for employers. is a logical new use of this massive database.”

Users Able to Look Up a Single Job

What’s new is the ability of both employers or workers to access the program website to look up just a single job.

The search can be narrowed to an extreme degree. Salary seekers can search not only by title, but also by state, industry, even company size, explained product manager Josh Baker. “There are 2,400 job titles available,” he added, “so there’s an excellent chance searchers will find what others are paying for the exact title in the exact similar situation.”

Site users receive a link by e-mail to view their report online or download as a PDF file. The report reveals the full range of salaries the job is commanding at other organizations, from the top 10th percentile down to the bottom 10th percentile. The 50th percentile figure represents the midpoint salary for the position. The 25th and 75th percentiles are also given.

“This information helps employers know they’re paying competitively so they can acquire and retain the best talent, but without overpaying,” notes Baker. “Meanwhile, jobseekers and current employees know what to ask in job applications, performance reviews, and salary increase discussions. So, when the boss asks, ‘What are you looking for?,’ workers can back up their answer with comparative data.

“The fact that the service is free, where previous compensation research programs could cost thousands of dollars, makes SalarySearch even more unique,” adds Baker. “We are looking forward to thousands using it.”

To view the program – or check how your own salary compares - go to

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