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BLR’s New Online Tool Helps Companies Create Employee Newsletters

Old Saybrook, CT — January 30, 2008

Many companies want to improve their employee newsletter to make it a more effective communication tool, while other companies may not even have an employee newsletter to distribute. The problem is that many companies believe they cannot put the resources into a newsletter when they have other outstanding obligations to take care of. However, an employee newsletter is one of the most effective communication vehicles for getting important information out to your employees. A successful employee newsletter is a win-win for both the employer and the employee, as many employees look forward to receiving one each month.

Now, not having the time to produce an effective employee newsletter is no longer the case as BLR has just released a new online tool at which allows companies to easily create custom employee newsletters.

BLR’s award-winning HR and Safety editorial staff research and write new newsletter content each month, which is posted to, including articles, cartoons, graphics, and more. This allows HR or Safety professionals to easily produce a custom newsletter that they can print to PDF, e-mail or even post on a company intranet. They can even customize the newsletters by using their own logos and adding their own articles or just using the provided professional monthly newsletters as is.

“No desktop publishing skills are required—if you can click a mouse, you can create an amazing custom employee newsletter,” explains BLR Product Manager Josh Baker.

The Employee Newsletter Wizard is available on a free trial basis by logging on to or calling 800-727-5257. There is no obligation to purchase.

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