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HR Publisher BLR to Offer Employee Attitude Surveys to Employers Nationwide

Old Saybrook, Conn. Last year, employers found out how their nearly 25,000 workers felt about their jobs, their companies, and the employers themselves. And it didn’t cost them a dime to do so.

They did it through a complimentary program called the National Employee Attitude Survey, sponsored by HR publisher Business & Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR) and its complimentary e-mail newsletter, HR Daily Advisor.

The program provides a BLR-written questionnaire to send to workers, either by e-mail or as a printed copy. The workers use a 0- to 10-point scale to answer questions about workplace communications, supervision, teamwork, and chances for advancement at their organizations. Replies are sent directly to BLR, prepares the results. The next thing employers see is a confidential report of how they did, both at their companies and compared with similar organizations.

Companies Unable to Afford a Survey Now Can Have One

Because the program is provided at no charge, many companies who’ve never been able to afford such a survey will benefit by it, says BLR’s founder and CEO Bob Brady. “Every company, no matter what its size, can finally see how it’s doing,” he declares. “If I wasn’t offering this service, I’d jump at the chance to get it.”

Last year’s results showed workers generally happy with their organizations but revealed serious shortfalls in their opinions of interdepartmental communication and teamwork.

Employer response to the program’s first year was strongly positive. “I have a note from an Illinois HR manager saying, ‘My CEO has been requesting this information from me almost daily,’” reported BLR Survey Manager Karen Callahan.

Employers wishing to take part should register at The questionnaire and other materials may also be inspected there.

To participate in the first wave of data reporting, sign up within 5 business days of viewing this message. However, employers may join anytime in 2008.. For questions, call BLR at 800-727-5257 ext. 2301, visit, or e-mail for more information.

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