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National Employee Attitude Survey Reveal Decline in Teamwork, Communication

Old Saybrook, CT, June 24, 2008—A nationwide survey of employee attitudes found that workers see teamwork declining throughout their organizations—as well as between departments—and that communications between departments also has fallen off since last year.

The results of the National Employee Attitude Survey (NEAS),, were announced today by the survey’s creator, Business & Legal Reports, Inc. (BLR®). To date, more than 2,500 organizations of all sizes and industries have participated in the survey, which measures workers’ opinions on communication, teamwork, supervisory behaviors, and career opportunities at their workplaces.

Survey results, which are provided free to participants, allow organizations to see how they stack up against competitors of similar size and industry, and helps them to maintain (or improve) morale, productivity, and retention.

Already facing the challenges of a flagging economy, organizations must also deal with a workforce that sees declines in several key areas from 2007 to 2008:

  • Employee attitudes on companywide teamwork declined 3% from already weak numbers, with interdepartmental teamwork also declining 2%.
  • Employee attitudes regarding communication between departments also declined 3%.
  • On supervision, employees continued to feel that their managers were fair and even-handed. This year however, they seem a little less fair, with a 1% decline.
  • On recognizing good work, employees gave management an almost even rating from last year.
  • On the brighter side, workers rated their commitment to quality extremely high (but even that declined 0.5%). Employees said they would continue to recommend their workplaces to friends and family looking for a job, although with a bit less certainty.

“Our goal in designing the National Employee Attitude Survey was to make attitude surveys—a tool long used by large corporations to improve morale, productivity, and retention—available to the small to midsize companies” said Robert Brady, founder and CEO of BLR. ”Since NEAS is free to all participating organizations, even companies that never surveyed before can now understand and benchmark what their employees think in order to understand if an issue is specific to an organization or more widespread.”

Due to the tremendous response by companies to the 2008 NEAS, BLR has decided to keep the survey open and free to all who apply, and will continue to report ongoing changes in employee attitudes in the workplace.

Participating organizations will receive a basic report and also have the option of purchasing a premium report.

The 2008 NEAS Basic Report is free to all participating companies. It provides top line results for the overall organization along with summary results by question, department, job function, length of employee tenure, as well as year-to-year summary comparisons. Results show importance to employees, their view of the employer’s performance, and the resulting index.

The 2008 NEAS Premium Report, available at an extra cost, provides detailed results to each question and provides the employer with its percentile ranking against other participants. The 2008 NEAS Premium Report also provides detailed data as to how various sub-groups responded to each specific question, revealing the true drivers of opinion often not visible when looking at summary results. The 2008 NEAS Premium Report delivers all data in Excel spreadsheet format so that end users can easily do additional analyses.

For more information, or to sign up for the National Employee Attitude Survey, visit, e-mail , or call 800-727-5257.

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