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BLR Respondents Say Politics Hampered Whitman

What caused Christie Todd Whitman’s sub-par performance as EPA administrator? She was a victim of politics, claim a majority of respondents to BLR’s question. The responses were published on BLR’s Environmental Compliance in Your State-Online service.

Weighing In on Whitman

Since the announcement of Whitman’s resignation, BLR received a flurry of comments. Most of you expressed mild disappointment in her accomplishments, suggesting she had been hampered by the Bush administration.

Here are some excerpts from the feedback BLR received:

"I think Whitman was clearly a victim of politics. She was a puppet for George W.…."

"To a certain extent, whoever heads EPA is going to be hampered and controlled by the ideologues within the Bush administration and will oversee an agency whose role has become planned weakening of environmental protection…."

"I don't think that she ever had a chance! …she was ‘hampered by politics’ as is nearly always the case in environmental concerns when you have a Republican administration, let alone a Republican Congress, too!"

"While Governor Whitman could have been and should have been a positive force for the EPA, it became all too clear all too soon that she was nothing more than window dressing for an administration that cares absolutely nothing about preserving the environment for our future…."

"I'd just like to echo Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean’s thoughts…. Bush's administration has been nothing short of abysmal on the environment and unfortunately the next appointment to the position will probably be worse."

"As long as Bush is in power, no one will have any real power as head of EPA…."

"Whitman was a complete sell out. As a NJ resident, I already knew she was more about political survival than doing the right thing. Now the whole nation knows it. … Wolf Blitzer asked her about Bush’s position on something and she replied "I can't speak for the president" to which Wolf immediately interrupted with "You ARE his EPA chief."

Whew, talk about some scathing criticism! Let’s hope the president’s next appointee garners a little more approval. BLR would still like to hear your thoughts. Send an e-mail to

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