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Business & Legal Reports, Inc. Unveils New Corporate Name

New Brand Reflects Company’s Vision and Depth of Online Services

Old Saybrook, CT, September 29, 2009–—Business & Legal Reports, Inc. today introduced its new corporate logo and name, BLR®—Business & Legal Resources. The company will lead with the initials BLR in all of its marketing and business communications.

BLR® is the leading provider of employment, safety, and environmental compliance solutions. Today’s brand change coincides with the launch of a new corporate website at that better reflects the company’s vision and depth of business resources.

The company, founded by Robert L. Brady in 1977, has evolved from originally selling only newsletters to a multifaceted product line that, today, is anchored by multiple online solutions to support compliance, training, and understanding of complex employment, safety, and environmental regulations.

“The change from ‘Reports’ to ‘Resources’ is a small but symbolic change that reflects the evolution of our business. BLR has moved beyond newsletters and other so-called ’traditional‘ products, and we are now delivering award-winning business resources online,” said Robert L. Brady, CEO and founder of BLR. “These online business resources—compliance portals, our training platform, on-demand applications and media properties—reflect the current growth and future of the BLR business.”

“While the delivery of compliance information and training has evolved, what has not changed is how we build the core content our customers depend on day in and day out,” Brady added. “All of our compliance and training content is prepared and delivered by lawyers and industry experts in a plain-English format designed to be understood and used by non-lawyers for quick understanding and implementation. Our customers want to understand what laws they need to know, how those laws impact their organizations, and how to apply the appropriate tools and resources to adhere to them.”

BLR offers solutions for business owners, executives, employees, and managers of HR, compensation, safety, environmental, and training for all-sized organizations and industries, including:

  • Compliance Portals—Federal and state-specific compliance guidance and news, employee training, time savers, applications, and community in one Web-based solution.
  • BLR Employee Training Platform—Voted Best Workforce Training Solution, BLR’s Web-based training platform helps employers certify they have trained their staff in compliance with DOL, OHSA, and EPA-mandated federal and state rules and requirements. BLR award-winning training programs are included.
  • State-Focused Compliance Manuals—BLR’s line of state-based looseleaf books are the de facto standard for providing detailed state-based, actionable information to HR, compliance, safety and environmental practitioners worldwide.
  • On-Demand Applications—All Web-based applications are available individually or bundled in as a value-add components in BLR compliance portals.
  • Training Tools—BLR training tools are ready to use, customizable, and always reflect the latest rules and regulations. Everything needed to prepare and deliver great training sessions including extensive speaker’s notes, quizzes, handouts, and interactive exercises.
  • Events—BLR hosts the annual National Employment Law Update (NELU) in Las Vegas every October as well as webinars throughout the year with leading HR, safety, and environmental industry experts.
  • Websites—BLR publishes a number of free media properties that help HR, compensation, safety, and environmental professionals learn, engage and connect with their colleagues including the HR Daily Advisor®, Safety Daily Advisor, HR Challenge® and OHSA Challenge.
  • Newsletters—BLR launched its first newsletter in 1978, the Personnel Manager’s Legal Reporter, and this became the leading tool for non-lawyers to understand employment legal issues in plain English—it was the foundation for a line of newsletters that are still popular and winning awards today.
  • Time savers—BLR’s popular time savers include calculators, HR, safety and environmental forms, checklists, how-to, letters, policies, safety plans and many other materials. They are prepared, compliant, and ready to use. Many are also available online in our compliance portals as well.
  • Booklets—The popular BLR booklet line has over 185 titles in both English and Spanish, perfect for employee orientation, or individual or group training.
  • Surveys—From compensation to employee attitudes, BLR surveys empower employers with the critical data they need to support compliance, make decisions, and gauge employee morale.

    About BLR®—Business & Legal Resources

    BLR® is the leading provider of employment, safety, and environmental compliance solutions. BLR has been an acknowledged authority in covering state as well as federal law for over three decades, and employers know that they can count on BLR’s industry-leading compliance and training solutions to keep them out of legal trouble, avoid fines, and save money. BLR offers solutions for business owners, executives, employees, and managers of HR, compensation, safety, environmental, or training for all-sized organizations and industries. Simply put, anyone worried about how their local state agency or national DOL, OSHA, and EPA legal requirements impact their organization can benefit from BLR. For more information, please visit or call 800-727-5257.