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BLR Launches Sustainability Education and Awareness Blog for Businesses

Blog Provides Information on BLR Green Team’s Efforts and Tips for Businesses Implementing Sustainable Programs

Old Saybrook, CT, May 10, 2010—Today, BLR® – Business & Legal Resources, the leading provider of employment, safety, and environmental compliance solutions, announced the launch of, a blog aimed at providing information to small and medium businesses that are considering creating a sustainability team, already have a team in place, or want to learn more about how to integrate conservation practices in the workplace. The blog was developed and is maintained by the BLR Green Team, an employee-driven group formed to promote eco-awareness, implement sustainable practices, and educate employees on conservation issues aimed at reducing BLR’s ecological footprint and overall costs.

“With growing pressure worldwide to go ’green,’ companies that are prepared to demonstrate that they operate according to sustainable policies are proving to have a competitive edge: better reputation, higher retention of good employees, and increased cost savings through improved processes and decreased waste output. The new Green Team blog provides information to readers about how to operate sustainably through discussion of BLR’s experiences and how industries across the country are responding to the ‘green’ call to action,” said Ana Ellington, Senior Editor at BLR and BLR Green Team leader.

The blog offers articles and tips written by team members and guest columnists, free “how-to’s,” materials for employee conservation campaigns, and links to government and nonprofit organizations. The BLR Green Team will also conduct e-mail campaigns and offer webinars through the blog to assist other companies with developing and implementing their own green teams.

For media that would like more information please call Ana Ellington at 800-727-5257, Ext. 2169, or e-mail at

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