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New Online Training Courses Show Employers How to Improve Employee Wellness

The BLR Employee Training Center Expanded to Include Online Courses to help Employers Run a Corporate Wellness Program

Old Saybrook, CT, July 19, 2010— BLR® – Business & Legal Resources the leading provider of employment, safety, and environmental compliance solutions, announced today the release of its new Wellness Library, available as part of its Web-based, on-demand training platform, the BLR Employee Training Center. The Wellness Library is the newest addition to the Employee Training Center’s Course Libraries, which include California Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response (AB1825), Customer Service, Environmental Compliance, HR-Employment, and Workplace Safety training.

The Employee Training Center’s new Wellness Library consists of 20 courses designed to educate employees on the importance of health and wellness, nutrition, fitness and more. The courses offer tips to improve and maintain health through stress management, financial wellness, safe driving, ergonomics and life work-life balance. Additionally, there are courses designed to help employers build and implement a corporate wellness program, and to help encourage employees to take wellness beyond the workplace—at home and in their communities.

“Employer sponsored wellness programs can decrease health insurance costs, increase productivity, and boost employee morale and retention. Offering wellness training for employees has a tremendous ROI value for employers. An organization sponsoring a wellness program will see an increase in productivity as the result of a decline in employee absenteeism and an improvement in employee morale as they demonstrate that their organization values the well-being of their employees—both on and off the job,” said Robert L. Brady, CEO and founder of BLR.

Launched in 2008, the Employee Training Center features an administrative interface including a Reporting Dashboard that gives administrators a quick view of overall training efforts. The dashboard includes reports that enable trainers to see at a glance the status of their training programs. For more information regarding training solutions from BLR, or to speak with a subject matter expert, please contact us at or 800-727-5257, Ext. 2442.

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