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One-Third of Employers Report Use of Cash Compensation

HR Daily Advisor Survey Results Help HR Managers Assess Compensation Practices

Old Saybrook, CT—April 22, 2011—The HR Daily Advisor® announced today the results of a survey on Cash Compensation conducted in March 2011. The survey asked employers to report on the use of cash incentives at their companies, either in the form of individual or team awards, spot bonuses, or similar payments.

According to the results, nearly one-third of employers report that their organizations supplement wages and salaries with cash incentives. Long-term incentive bonuses were most frequently reported to be paid to employees at the executive level (28 percent of respondents) and all exempt-level sales employees (26 percent of respondents).

“The results of this survey highlight important compensation trends, which will be useful for HR managers assessing the use of cash incentives,” said HR Daily Advisor editor Stephen Bruce, PHR. “Since this survey looked at five levels of employee responsibility in 10 departments, the breadth and depth of responses sets an important benchmark in current compensation practices.”

The complete survey results can be accessed here, courtesy of the HR Daily Advisor:

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