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BLR Announces Launch of Compensation Daily Advisor

Old Saybrook, CT—September 27, 2011—BLR® announced the launch of a new resource for compensation professionals: Compensation Daily Advisor®. This free daily e-newsletter and its corresponding website,, will provide articles, news, advice, and tips on dozens of common workplace issues such as:

  • Compensation Administration – how to administer compensation challenges including software, payroll, tax, and communication
  • Compensation Planning – how to manage job evaluation, interpretation of survey data, setting of rate ranges, determining individual pay rates, etc.
  • Executive Compensation – how to determine and deliver compensation, deferred compensation, equity compensation, and perquisites to upper level managers and corporate officers
  • Pay for Performance - how to develop and manage all forms of compensation that are based on performance of individuals, departments, or entities
  • Sales Compensation – how to devise and manage sales compensation packages
  • Wage and Hour – how to comply with FLSA regulations relating to exemptions, minimum wage, and overtime
  • Benefits – how to manage the wide variety of benefits including health care, life, and disability insurance, and retirement benefits
  • And More…

Compensation Daily Advisor is the third “Daily Advisor” created by Business & Legal Resources. HR Daily Advisor® and Safety Daily Advisor® already serve more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500, and reach 200,000+ subscribers each day. Compensation Daily Advisor editor Dr. Stephen Bruce, PHR, sees the new resource as a way for compensation professionals to keep on top of constantly changing management trends.

“Compensation has always been a challenging role, and never more so than the past three years,” said Bruce. “We’re delighted to be launching this daily guide to give compensation professionals one concise tip every morning on topics ranging from executive comp to salary ranges to wage and hour.”

For more information about the Compensation Daily Advisor, please visit or contact us at 800-727-5257.

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