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Free Compensation Report: Top 100 FLSA Overtime Q&As

Old Saybrook, CT—September 28, 2011—The Compensation Daily Advisor® announced today the release of a free report for compensation professionals, Top 100 FLSA Overtime Q&As. This report provides employers with an examination of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime regulations in Q&A format, including tips for bringing workplaces into compliance in an affordable manner. It will be available for a limited time only.

The 35-page special report tackles such questions as: “Are there any specific exemptions from the overtime requirements of the FLSA?” and “Does the FLSA apply to all employers regardless of how many employees there are in a company?” It also includes a list of resources that compensation professionals can use to learn more about the specific laws affecting their state.

Top 100 FLSA Overtime Q&As is a must-have for all compensation and HR management professionals,” says Compensation Daily Advisor Editor Stephen Bruce, PHR. “Small mistakes, like misclassifying a non-exempt employee or underpaying overtime wages, can add up to a huge lawsuit against your company. This report covers all the basics to save you time and money.”

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