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Video Series Answers Employer's 3 Tough FMLA Certification Questions

Brentwood, TN —October 9, 2012—The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) continues to be one of the largest sources of administrative and legal headaches for HR professionals and employers. And medical certification is a particularly tricky area of FMLA leave management—as evidenced by the large number of questions receives from customers on the topic.

In a new Ask the Expert video series, BLR Senior Legal Editor Susan Schoenfeld answers three subscriber questions involving common Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) medical certification issues.

Schoenfeld addresses the following FMLA medical certification questions in the video series:

  • Is obtaining FMLA medical certification always necessary for leave?
  • What can an employer do if an employee fails to return requested medical certification?
  • When and how often can an employer request medical recertification?

All 3 videos—which are free to everyone—can be accessed at's HR Video Resource Center which features several more videos featuring our legal experts on various topics such as health care reform, FLSA/wage and hour issues, FMLA, workplace discrimination, among others.

The individual videos in the Ask the Expert series can also be accessed via the links below:

FMLA medical certification--do employers always need to have it?

FMLA medical certification: What if employee refuses to provide?

Employee FMLA recertification requests--Know the rules

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