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BLR Announces 2016 Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium to Help Employers Minimize Legal Risks

DANVERS, MA (February 1, 2016)—BLR®—Business & Legal Resources, the leading provider of employment, safety, and environmental compliance solutions, is pleased to announce the 2016 Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium.

The 2016 Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium, March 10 and 11 in Orlando, Florida, is one of the leading conferences on workplace violence prevention, showcasing tactical risk management strategies and response plan guidelines from experts in the field. Conference sessions include:

  • Effective threat assessment tactics
  • Critical awareness exercises
  • Crisis management tips
  • Techniques for addressing warning signs and behavioral red flags
  • Response protocol for an active shooter event

“The Workplace Violence Prevention Symposium was created in response to a critical market need,” says Rafael Cardoso, executive vice president of BLR’s workforce division. “Recent tragedies involving active shooters in commercial facilities have employers on edge and scrambling for a solution. This event will address their specific concerns and will help our customers maintain a prepared, proactive, and safe work environment.”

Among the speakers at this symposium are Joan Spencer, MPH, CIH, compliance assistance specialist with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the U.S. Department of Labor and Frank M. Spano, JD, executive director and founder of The Counterterrorism Institute and former special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations’ Antiterrorism Specialty Team.

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