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BLR’s Erik Schelzig weighs in on Nashville Mayor Megan Barry’s resignation

Brentwood, Tennessee (March 6, 2018) – On Tuesday morning, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry announced her resignation after pleading guilty to felony theft of property. According to court documents, Barry has been accused of taking $10,000, and will serve three years of probation in addition to reimbursing the city of Nashville for $11,000.

CNN tapped into the expertise of BLR’s Tennessee Journal editor Erik Schelzig to determine what it means for the city and the fate of Barry’s rising Democratic career. “As far as the politics are concerned, the resignation kicks off an accelerated process for electing a new mayor in August. Barry's 2015 election was a victory for the Democrats' progressive wing, and it's unclear who might take up that mantle in her absence.” Read the interview here.

As editor of the Tennessee Journal, Schelzig is at the forefront of weekly reporting on Tennessee political developments at the federal, state, and local levels. He covered state politics and government in Nashville for The Associated Press for 12 years, with previous stints in Florida and West Virginia. From his perspective, this will be Barry’s downfall.

“Megan Barry’s political career is squandered,” he said. “She would have been the prohibitive favorite to win re-election as mayor or to Congress whenever Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper decides to retire.”

In his role, Schelzig will continue coverage of the event and its aftermath in upcoming issues of the weekly Tennessee Journal publication.

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