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Safety Culture at the Forefront of EHS Daily Advisor’s Safety Standout Awards

Brentwood, TN (August 27, 2018) –The EHS Daily Advisor is proud to announce the winners of its second set of Safety Standout Awards, which recognize companies who have made safety culture a priority.

These awards are sponsored by SafeStart, a global safety company focused on human error prevention training to reduce injuries 24/7, and will be presented to the winners at the Safety Culture 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 12-14, 2018.

Best Overall Safety Culture Award: King’s Seafood Company

King’s Seafood Company is privately held and has been “Delivering Great Seafood to America” for over 70 years. The organization goes above and beyond when it comes to creating a strong safety culture. They demonstrated that their safety program is equitable to all other company objectives and that safety is a top priority and often interwoven with other company initiatives.

Best Safety Committee: Valero Renewables–Albion

Valero Renewables–Albion is a biorefinery located in Albion, Nebraska. Its safety committee is comprised completely of non-management personnel. Currently, there are fourteen members, selected on a voluntary basis and representing all departments of the facility for a continuous term of one year. The Editorial Board was impressed by not only the excellent structure, obvious team spirit, and diverse functions described by Valero Albion’s safety committee, but also their unique ways of promoting safety engagement among workers.

Exceptional Progress Award: Smith & Nephew

Smith & Nephew supports healthcare professionals in more than 100 countries in their daily efforts to improve the lives of their patients. The Editorial Board saw that the progress that Smith & Nephew has made in recent years with their safety efforts was undeniable. They noted that their greatest challenge was a familiar one for safety pros—ownership. But, the safety team at Smith & Nephew was up to the task.

Moving Beyond Compliance Award: City of Minneapolis Risk Management and Safety Committee

What stood out to the Editorial Board the most in the City of Minneapolis’s application was the Risk Management and Safety Committee’s efforts to promote safe behaviors in areas that extend beyond the workplace. In particular, their recognition of the need for a distracted driving policy led to a team effort that included more than 15 labor unions. The City also has shown a great effort toward understanding and addressing human factors in their safety programs, taking a serious look at ergonomic assessment in safety, and creating a comprehensive motor vehicle accident reduction plan.

Read more about the winners on the EHS Daily Advisor.

Join the Safety Standout Award Winners at at Safety Culture 2018

There’s still time to register for Safety Culture 2018. In addition to our awards ceremony, there will be a wide variety of educational speakers, excellent sponsors, an opening keynote from Scott Geller and closing keynote from Shawn Galloway, plus opportunities to network and other activities designed to help you build the best possible safety culture at your organization. Register today—seats are filling up fast!

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