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BLR Launches Environmental and Safety Compliance and Training Platform, EHS Hero

Brentwood, TN: BLR®—Business and Legal Resources, an HCM division of Simplify Compliance, announces the release of its highly anticipated EHS compliance and workflow platform, EHS Hero. This new workflow solution revolutionizes how environmental, health, and safety organizations train their teams and stay informed and compliant with changing OSHA, EPA, and state-level regulations.

In 2018, BLR launched HR Hero® as the next-generation HR compliance platform. EHS Hero is its counterpart in the marketplace. "Our current EHS product line, while continuing to meet the needs of our subscribers, needed an upgrade, as well," said David Cella, Chief Product Officer of Simplify Compliance. "EHS Hero includes the reliable and thorough compliance information and guidance our subscribers are used to, with enhanced UI/UX, upgraded tools, and greater opportunities to find answers to their challenging compliance and EHS management questions."

EHS Hero offers best-in-class tools that help EHS professionals quickly create customized safety plans, manage safety data sheets, build compliance reports, and get answers to pressing questions from subject matter experts and attorneys. EHS professionals also have access to a wealth of instructor-led training resources, such as presentations, handouts, quizzes, speaker notes, and Safety Toolbox Talks and 7-Minute Safety Training resources.

These crucial workflow tools and training assets ensure organizations comply with training requirements (including OSHA) and provide a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. No other compliance and workflow platform provides expert legal analysis, guidance, training, and tools like EHS Hero. Those interested in a personalized tour can visit or e-mail to schedule.

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