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New Website Gives Instant Access to Compliance & Training Solutions

Managers who need fast answers and pre-written solutions to vexing compliance and training problems have a new resource to help them breathe a bit easier. Business and Legal Reports Inc. has just launched a completely new website,, that sets a new level of ease of use for busy managers in human resources, compensation, safety, and environmental compliance.

Say a manager needs a source of Computer Based Training (CBT) for a manufacturing enterprise. Just enter "manufacturing" or "CBT" into the search box, and a complete list of training products that directly answer that need is displayed. Likewise if an HR manager has questions about the new overtime regulations currently causing so much confusion, any of those words will bring up a broad array of BLR problem solvers on that topic, such as BLR’s new "FLSA: Wage and Hour Self-Audit Guide - Download." Alternatively, since products are graphically displayed by market, topic, and media, managers can quickly find numerous solutions on Environmental Emergency Response Compliance in seconds under, "Environmental >> Compliance >> Emergencies." Related products and alternative media display when available for each product, to further refine any search.

BLR President Bob Brady said of the new website: "We’ve always had a growing number of problem solvers available to help the busy managers we serve in compliance and training. Now with the new we have a website that within just a few clicks puts the full array of solutions we offer at a user’s fingertips–-for example how to best manage a mold problem in a commercial building, or how to best handle ergonomic training problems."

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