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Jingle Bells and Jangled Nerves - Holiday Stress Hits the Workplace Too

As the busy holiday season approaches, increased stress in busy workers' personal lives often adds to the pressures they face on the job. The resulting effect on any organization is often a lot more serious than employers realize - not just in terms of jangled nerves, but in very real economic costs too - from increased turnover to conflict to absenteeism.

Workplace stress is a fact of life today. Its effects can be disastrous for an organization. The American Psychological Association (APA) reports that 54% of workers are concerned about stress-related health problems, and one in four workers has taken a day off from work to cope with stress.

To make it easy for any organization to show their employees how to manage and reduce stress, both on the job and at home, Business and Legal Reports Inc. has just released its new "Managing Stress on and off the Job" Training Kit. This PowerPoint® and employee booklet kit shows employees how to approach stressful situations and manage their reactions positively. The 30-slide PowerPoint meeting is a professional quality training session. The illustrated 16-page booklets in full color give an easy-to-read and lasting reminder of the training.

"Workplace stress already causes enough morale problems, low productivity, workplace aggression, and illnesses and injuries," says BLR president and founder Bob Brady. "Combine that with a busy holiday season, and the effects are worse." The company is pleased to provide a resource that gives employers an effective tool to help their employees reduce stress in their lives, particularly at this often-challenging time of year.

Employers may obtain a free copy of the booklet in the kit, "Managing Stress On and Off the Job" by contacting BLR at, or 1 800 727-5257.

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