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BLR Presents Cost-Effective Enviro Training Options

Each regulatory agency has a different goal but may not always give the guidance managers need to construct a training program that is both effective and cost-efficient. When do you follow the trend in technology and implement Internet-based programs? Should you provide classroom instruction or hands-on training?

These questions and more will be answered by Business & Legal Reports, Inc.'s environmental legal editor, David L. Galt, at the National Association of Environmental Professionals' (NAEP) 27th annual conference, "Environmental Stewardship --Rebuilding and Maintaining America's Resources," in Dearborn, Michigan, on June 24, 2002.

Ultimately, training programs are designed to educate your workforce in suitable ways to keep in compliance with environmental regulations, meet health and safety standards, increase employee awareness, and decrease company liability.

Mr. Galt's presentation, "How to Design a Cost-Effective Environmental Training Program," will discuss the steps needed to take your facility into compliance. From the initial assessment of training needs to refining the approach after an evaluation of progress, Mr. Galt will compare the cost-effectiveness of various methods of training and how to employ them within a given regulatory framework.

Highlights of the presentation include how EPA, OSHA, and DOT vary with respect to the following:

- Training delivery methods (classroom or hands-on)
- The duration of training
- The choice of materials (video, posters, pamphlets) employers are encouraged (and sometimes required) to use

Mr. Galt recommends a menu of training delivery methods. He stresses the need to have several options accessible to comply with regulatory requirements, adhere to budget constraints, or accommodate employee learning curves. Mr. Galt will also explain the benefits and drawbacks of each method of training.

The conference runs from June 23-26, 2002, and is sponsored by the Michigan Chapter of NAEP. For more information on the conference, contact Donna Carter of NAEP at (863) 679-3852 or (877) 679-3919. BLR publishes the Environmental Training Library on CD-ROM and several other training products. Visit BLR's website at or call Customer Service at (800) 727-5257 for a 30-day FREE trial of any product.