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OSHA Compliance Violations Rise Again in 2004

Old Saybrook, CT - January 10, 2005 - Safety compliance enforcement was alive and well at OSHA during fiscal year 2004. The nation's agency responsible for enforcing workplace safety cited 109,125 violations last year, with 81,538 of those classified as "serious." That's an increase of 3.1 percent over the previous year, according to OSHA's statistics. These violations resulted in significant penalties for employers - $120 million before adjustments.

Failure to have a written hazard communication program continues to be the single most frequently violated standard in general industry. According to Business & Legal Reports Inc. safety editor, Judy Ruddy, safety training is also a top focus of OSHA inspectors. Two of OSHA's top 10 violations last year were for training deficiencies: "Failure to train on new chemical hazards" (1047) and "hazardous chemicals-info and training" (768). Ruddy points out that an easy defense against OSHA compliance problems is to develop a list of what hazards exist in your facility, and then deliver training on those topics.

Safety PowerPoint® Training to the Rescue

According to Ruddy, products like BLR's Safety Training Presentations in PowerPoint® — 25 ready-to-deliver safety meetings on key OSHA training topics — make it easy to avoid costly and embarrassing OSHA violations. "This type of prepared training meeting is perfect if you have a safety hazard such as hazardous materials, electrical safety issues, or confined spaces," says Ruddy. "All you need to do is just schedule a short training session and put up the Microsoft PowerPoint® slides." Thorough speaker's notes, along with reproducible handouts and quizzes, complete the easy-to-use training package.

To show employers how to get started in safety training, Business & Legal Reports is offering a free download of its informative White Paper, "How to Develop Your Safety Training Program." To get this download go to: or call 800-727-5257.

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