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10/18/2004 Poll Finds Many Employers Canceling Flu Shots

Old Saybrook, CT - October 18, 2004 - More than one-third of the participants in an online poll at say the sudden shortage of flu vaccine has led their companies to cancel their flu shot programs this year.

This share of the total vote rises to nearly one-half, or 48.7 percent, when factoring out those who said their companies weren't planning to offer flu shots in the first place. asked visitors, "Will you be providing flu shots to your employees this year?" Here's how the voting went:

35% - We had planned to, but the sudden shortage has forced a cancellation.

28% - We hadn't planned to provide shots in any event.

21% - We still plan to, but things are uncertain now.

17% - We're still planning to provide shots.

The poll, held from Thursday, October 8, to Thursday, October 15, drew a total of 373 votes.

Even without flu shots, employers can help their employees stay healthy this winter, according to editors at Business and Legal Reports, the legal publisher that presents Among the steps they can take:

  • Promote wellness programs. If properly directed and done in consultation with the employer's health insurance provider, these programs can actually save money.

  • Encourage employees to wash their hands often, to head off the spread of germs from handshakes and other human contact. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide hand washing facilities that are readily accessible to employees.

  • Before requiring employees to work longer hours, consider what impact it might have on their rest time.

  • Encourage employees who do become sick to stay home, so their illness won't spread. Too often, their work ethic or the "unwritten code" of the workplace makes it a badge of honor to come to work sick.


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