South Carolina Jury Duty/ Court Appearance laws & compensation compliance analysis

South Carolina Jury Duty/ Court Appearance: What you need to know

South Carolina prohibits employers from dismissing, demoting, suspending, reducing the wages or benefits of, or otherwise retaliating against employees because they serve on juries or comply with a subpoena to testify in a court or administrative proceeding. An employer that dismisses an employee in violation of this provision could be ordered to pay the employee a year's salary; damages for demotion are limited to 1 year's worth of the difference in wages before and after the demotion (SC Code Sec. 41-1-70).
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Private employers. South Carolina law does not require private employers to pay employees while they are absent for jury duty or a court appearance. Although not required to do so, most employers do pay all employees called to jury duty or court appearances, regardless of exempt or nonexempt status.
The prevailing attitude among employers is that an employee summoned to serve on a jury or to testify has a civic obligation to do so and that it is the company's responsibility to support the fulfillment of that obligation. This is achieved by protecting the employee from loss of income and by making the necessary arrangements to cover for him or her during the required absence.
This is not to say that problems won't arise when an individual is kept out of work for weeks at a time, or when an employee in a position of crucial importance is called to jury or witness duty unexpectedly. But for the most part, employers seem to be willing to reimburse their employees for a reasonable length of time spent serving on a jury or as a witness. Some courts pay jurors a small fee, and the employer may offset any amounts received by an employee for a particular week against the salary due for that particular ...

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