Wyoming Jury Duty/ Court Appearance laws & compensation compliance analysis

Wyoming Jury Duty/ Court Appearance: What you need to know

Jury duty. An employer may not discharge, threaten to discharge, or otherwise intimidate an employee because the employee serves on or is scheduled to serve on a jury. Employees returning from jury duty must be reinstated at their previous level of seniority.
An employer that violates this provision may be ordered to reinstate the employee to his or her former position without loss of seniority. An employer may also be ordered to pay the employee's attorneys' fees and other costs, as well as damages for each violation.
If the court determines that an employee's lawsuit was “frivolous,” the court may award the prevailing employer reasonable attorneys' fees (WY Stat. Sec. 1-11-401).
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Court appearance. An employer may not discharge or discipline an employee who is a victim or witness due to the employee’s involvement with the criminal justice process.
An employer may not change the terms of employment of a victim or witness who responds to a subpoena from either the prosecution or defense in a criminal case during working hours for responding to the subpoena (WY Stat. Sec. 1-40-209).
Private employers. State law does not require private employers to pay employees for absences caused by jury duty or court appearances.
Best practices. Regardless of state law requirements, most employers do pay all employees called to jury duty or court appearances.
The prevailing attitude among employers is that an employee summoned to serve on a jury or to testify has a civic obligation and that it is the company's responsibility to support the fulfillment of that obligation. This is achieved by protecting the employee from loss of income and by making the necessary arrangements to cover for him or her during the ...

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