Virginia Paychecks laws & compensation compliance analysis

Virginia Paychecks: What you need to know

Employers must pay salaried employees once a month. Hourly employees must be paid every 2 weeks or twice a month. Employees whose weekly wages are greater than 150 percent of the average weekly wage in Virginia may agree to be paid once a month, at the employer's option. Students in work-study programs must be paid no less often than once a month (VA Code Sec. 40.1-29).
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Wages may be paid in cash, by check, by direct deposit into an account in the name of the employee at a financial institution designated by the employee, or by credit to a prepaid debit card or card account from which the employee is able to withdraw or transfer funds. Employers that pay their employees by check must provide for check cashing without charge at a bank or elsewhere. Employers who pay by credit to a prepaid debit card or card account must fully disclosure any applicable fees and obtain affirmative consent from the employee before using such an arrangement (VA Code Sec. 40.1-28.9; VA Code Sec. 40.1-29).
If an employee hired after January 1, 2010, works for an employer that elects not to pay by cash or check, and no designation is made to a financial institution for direct deposit, the employer may pay by credit to a prepaid debit card or card account allowing at least one free withdrawal or transfer per pay period (VA Code Sec. 40.1-29).
An employer may deduct amounts from an employee's wages if required or permitted by law or if authorized in writing by the employee. An employer upon the request of his employee must provide the employee with a written statement showing gross wages for each pay period and the total amount and purpose of any deductions.

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