South Carolina Wage and Hour Investigations laws & compensation compliance analysis

South Carolina Wage and Hour Investigations: What you need to know

South Carolina's Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation has the authority to enter a place of employment at reasonable times; question personnel either publicly or privately; and inspect, investigate, reproduce, or photograph time records or payroll records in order to determine whether the employer is complying with wage payment provisions (SC Code Sec. 41-10-110).
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Notification and recordkeeping. Most employers in South Carolina must:
• Notify new employees in writing of their normal hours and wages, the time and place of payment, and deductions that will be made, including payments to insurance programs;
• Keep records of names and addresses of all employees and of wages paid each payday and deductions made for 3 years; and
• Provide each employee with an itemized statement showing his or her gross pay and the deductions made for each pay period (SC Code Sec. 41-10-30).
Employers who violate these provisions will receive a written warning for the first offense and must pay up to $100 for each subsequent offense (SC Code Sec. 41-10-80).
Payments. All employers must comply with certain state provisions regarding the medium of payment, the deposit of wages, the prohibition against deductions in the absence of written notice, and the time and place of payment. Violations of these provisions are punishable by up to $100 for each violation (SC Code Sec. 41-10-80).
Failure to pay wages. If an employer fails to pay current or discharged employees, the employee may recover in a civil action triple the amount of the unpaid wages, plus costs and reasonable attorney's fees (SC Code Sec. 41-10-80).

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