Georgia Child Labor laws & compensation compliance analysis

Georgia Child Labor: What you need to know

In Georgia, workers under the age of 18 are considered minors for purposes of employment. Georgia child labor law distinguishes among minors according to age, type of occupation, and hours of work (GA Code Sec. 39-2-1). In most cases, both federal and state laws apply to child labor, and if there is a conflict, the stricter law applies.
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Children working in a business owned by a parent or legal guardian or in agriculture or in domestic service in a private home are exempt from these requirements.
There is a comprehensive discussion of the federal child labor laws.
The provisions of the Georgia child labor laws, delineating the types of occupations in which children may be employed, are detailed and complex. The Georgia Department of Labor has established detailed regulations setting the terms and conditions of employment of minors in specific fields of employment.
Minors under the age of 18. Children under the age of 18 may not be employed to:
• Dispense, serve, sell, or take orders for any alcoholic beverage (except that clerks in supermarkets or drug stores may handle alcoholic beverages that are sold for consumption off the premises; note that local law may be more restrictive).
• Engage in any sexually explicit conduct.
• Receive or transmit dispatches governing the movement of trains.
• In most cases, operate a common motor carrier (see Motor vehicles in this section).
Motor vehicles. 17-year-old minors may drive on public roadways as part of their employment, but only if all of the following requirements are followed:
• The driving is limited to daylight hours.
• The minor holds a state license for the type of driving required.
• The minor has successfully completed a ...

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